This is just a short excerpt for the about page.


Welcome you to Chic and Mystique! Here I will be talking about a variety of topics including health, beauty, and current events. From the latest fashion trends, to the newest New York Times bestseller. You can find it here.

Beauty and brains baby!

What really inspired me to create a blog is my love of writing. I love writing, and I love sharing my experiences with others. With working full time, and adulting, I found myself lost for a little bit when it came to blogs, and magazines. I really wanted to create something that I felt like really represented me, but also other professional women.

I am a firm believer that you should work hard, but also make time for yourself. Time to rest, watch a movie, clean out your closet. Whatever it is that would help you to relax. So I definitely want to highlight the fun, while encouraging women to chase their dreams.

The Chic and Mystique lifestyle is for the woman who loves to read- novels not just tabloids. The woman who works hard, but also enjoys happy hour. She would love to show the world her real style, but company dress code probably wouldn’t allow it….

But most importantly has a natural air of mystery to her….show enough, but never all of it.