Facing Reality: The Ups & Downs

Learn more about my skincare journey

As often as I have promised myself to write more, I cannot seem to stay committed. It’s almost as if I would rather wait until, I am ready to explode before I write down how I feel.

I wasn’t always like this.

I think as I’ve grown older, I’ve done a lot to establish boundaries. Knowing what to share, and when. Many of the things I could blog about, are many of the things that I would prefer to keep to myself. With that being said I think it’s time to confirm my niche. The one thing I can focus on, and not be afraid to share with the world.

Skincare, and Keto! Along with my other lifestyle topics.

Skincare is something I’ve always cared about. I take care of my skin with proper hygiene, lots of water, and vitamins. Unfortunately, over time my skin regimen has had to change.

I have decided to pursue learning more about skincare, and developing my own natural skin care products. The first thing I made was a charcoal face mask.

I love this product because it is all natural. It gives my face that refreshed feeling, while still feeling moisturized. If I could change one thing about this product, it would have been the texture. I am still practicing, and figuring out what works, but I am also excited at this new hobby/skill/adventure that I am beginning.


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