Adapting to Keto: RapidFire Coffee Review

Read more to learn how I feel about Keto so far, and my new favorite coffee

Okay, so I’m not even gonna lie. Adapting the Keto lifestyle has been hard AF. I’ve had my slip ups ( a lot actually) I ❤️ 🥖 but I’m learning to forgive myself, and be positive ✨

I’ve definitely experienced the “Keto Flu” 🥴 symptoms, including difficulty concentrating, irritability, and slight dizziness, but it honestly hasn’t been horrible. I’ve read some pretty bad reviews. I guess for me, because it resembles a lot of my normal PMS symptoms I wasn’t too bad.

A huge part of Keto is ensuring that you have lots of healthy fats so that your body can use it as fuel. One of my new ways to do that, is by switching up my coffee ☕️ ! This coffee, and creamer is from @rapidfiredrinks #RapidFire🔥 I bought it from @gnclivewell. It has MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) that help with cognitive function (fixing my difficulty concentrating problem) , and with weight management since they help you feel more full.

Anyways, just thought I’d share my progress 😃 #Keto #KetoProgress #KetoCoffee #KetoDrinks #MCT #KetogenicCreamer #KetogenicCoffee


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