Daily Prompts

Why I write (revisited)

I am going to restart my daily blogging goal. I’ve had numerous changes happen in my life, and I believe that writing will help me not only relieve stress, but find myself. Again.

I write, because that is one of the greatest ways to express myself. My mind has a speed of 1000 thoughts per minute, and my mouth is just too slow to formulate the sentences.

With writing, there’s a sense of charm. You want your words to flow, and you want to engage your readers.

I find myself trying to find my writing style once more.

Years of academic writing has taken its toll.

I want to sound less technical, and more like a friend.

Writing is therapeutic, because it is quiet. Besides the sounds of typing, or my pen on paper.

I typically read, and write in silence.


As an introvert,silence to me is golden.

Silence is beautiful, because it allows me to think.

I get anxiety about tasks I need to complete, people I need to call, bills that I have to pay. All while multi tasking and doing other things.

When I sit to blog, I like it to be silent.

My sanctuary.

A place where I won’t be judged, or have to explain myself to anyone.

I do things a certain way, because that’s how I like it. That is all.

And that is okay.



  1. I completely agree with you. I am finding this out about myself more and more. Not like I didn’t know this before but I didn’t realize how it really effects me. Choices I make are influenced by this need for silence and I didn’t even realize it. Now as I have started writing again I am realizing that although I don’t have to read or write in silence, I do prefer it and many times I find myself “hiding,” going to a place where I am alone and its quiet so I can just breathe, relax, and think. So I totally can relate to what you wrote. Thank you for putting it in words.

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