Daily Prompts



I am still trying to find my home.

Not home as in a physical location, but home like a peace of mind.

I long for the feeling of belonging in my community. I want for people to notice when I am not there.

Not in a creep way, but in a, “Oh I see you weren’t at yoga class last weekend. Is everything alright?”


I have friends, but they don’t live near me.

I  want the city life as far as brunches, and night life, but that sense of knowing someone people in your area.

I think I long for this because I am not near my family. So I feel alone.

Home to me smells like Denver. No not for the Cannabis, but for the smell of the mountains. That fresh, crisp air..

I want home to feel like D.C. in the morning. The hustle, and bustle of people going to work. Smells like ambition, and purpose.

I want home to feel like Miami on a Friday night. That work hard, play hard lifestyle. Smells like sand, and feels like a cool breeze. Don’t work yourself too hard.

I have traveled many places, but I have not found home.

Will I find home after I am married?

Will wherever I am at feel like home, after I’ve purchased a house?

A different country maybe?

Who knows…

What is home for you?

The feeling of serenity. Quiet, and slow when I need it to be. Loud, and fast, when I need it to be.

Where is that?

Is home a place I have to create?

Is it a state of mind?

What do you think?


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