Christmas Wishlist Item: A planner

So as humans, we tend to forget things. For me, the best way to remember things is through a planner. Planners are an excellent way to stay organized, and keep you on track. You can remind yourself of bills to pay, events to attend, and even assignments if you are a student. I love feeling accomplished, so I always like to highlight all of my completed tasks. Talk about feeling super productive!

I know some people like to use their phones for everything, but I can’t. I just cannot leave my life in the hands of an electronic device.

Anyways, on my list of Christmas gifts is the January 2018 Daily Planner by Day Designer.

The one in Black Stripe is beautiful! These images were taken directly from the Day Designer website. I do not own the images in the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out the rest of the designs here: Day Designer 2018 Planners !


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