Daily Prompts

Thorny- Almost read that wrong

So when I first read the word, of course I immediately rhymed it with horny. But that is NOT what the daily prompt is about. *Laughs out loud*.

When I googled the definition of thorny on Dictionary.com, I got a few definitions, but the one that stood out to me was: “full of difficulties, complexities, or controversial points

Many things can be described as thorny, including different aspects of our lives. You could be in a “thorny” situation at work with one of your coworkers. I know I can describe my dating life as thorny sometimes. Lots, and lots of complexities, because as we know, human beings are complex people.

Whenever I think of thorny situations, I like to think of solutions. I am a problem solver. I will cry, and have my days of sulking, but that doesn’t get you anywhere. After you’ve wallowed in your pain and suffering, what are you going to do about it? Are you really going to allow a situation, or another person to really steal your joy? The answer should be no, but if you hesitated, you should think about why.

Do you not feel that you deserve to be happy?

via Daily Prompt: Thorny


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